ProfitsGenix was founded by Mr. Venkat Tirumala & Mr. Ramu in the year 2021 with the vision of making financial freedom accessible to all. Seldom does the dream of a common man come true, the dream of achieving the life they deserve, the life of financial independence. ProfitsGenix is crafted in such a way that we provide multiple sources of generating income. ProfitsGenix stands on its three strong pillars- ProfitsGenix Ventures, ProfitsGenix Financial Services, and our newest addition – SVB NIDHI Limited.Be a part of our ProfitsGenix family, you’re just a step away from making your dream a reality!

ProfitsGenix Financial Services

We believe in the technology of the 21st century, and that is why we work with the latest technology. We use divergent money-making strategies, capitalizing on different opportunities to bring out the best results. The simple idea behind our Money Management Philosophy is Mitigate Risk and Take Good Profits.As our founder, Mr. Venkat Tirumala says, “What’s wrong if your second income is more than your first income.”We are offering these advantages to our investors, who will see the Good returns in the industry.Our process ensures you consistent and Good returns on your investments for years to come. We have mastered the alchemy of money-making, and employ this expertise to your service.We’re committed to adding value by delivering investment services and providing our clients with the guidance they need to reach their short-term/long-term financial goals. 60+ Expert Financial Advisors. Start your profits journey today with us!

ProfitsGenix Ventures

While we were searching for new, innovative, and sustainable investment options for our clients, we came across the deteriorating condition of the local Indian farmers. This needed to change and we had just the right tools to do so. A farmer’s margin is a very small part of the overall profit that comes from a farm. By introducing ProfitsGenix Ventures Corporate Farming Program we are able to connect farmers directly to the common people. In turn, giving both sides a better opportunity to secure returns as well as turn barren lands into lush, fertile lands of profitability. More than 100+ acres of farmland, are located All over india in various states – an opportunity for you.

SVB Nidhi Limited.

SVB Nidhi is a Quasi bank – a term used for non-traditional banks, but we are not different from a typical bank. Our members can avail of all the Banking Services like Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Lockers, Gold Loans, Mortgage Loans, Business Loans, Group Loans, and other secured Loans from our NIDHI Company.
Here’s how we have added value in the lives of people over the years:

  • Serving 1500+ customers

  • AUM of 4.5+ CR

  • 2+ branches and expanding

To summarise – a new way of making mutual benefits and higher profits for all our members.