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Our state-of-the-art Algorithmic Trading software automates trading strategies and ensures proper risk management to achieve potentially higher profits. Irrespective of market movements and fluctuations, ProfitsGenix delivers more than average market returns by combining AlgoTrading and Human intellect.

The Clever Investing Makes Your Money Grow

  • A good portion of people are still trying to figure out how to make money through their work, but what’s more interesting (and easier) is making money out of your time and value!
  • ProfitsGenix is a financial investment platform that helps you to do just that!
  • Our strategies are designed to outperform market expectations and predictions by a wide margin. We are proud of the fact that our customers have been able to enjoy high returns, and have gone beyond their initial financial goals.
  • We have a proven track record in building strong, profitable portfolios even during extreme market conditions.

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We are able to provide investors with a higher than the average market return because of our financial strategy and Risk management model.

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5000+ Satisfied Customer
30% Average Returns PA
30+ Expert Financial Advisors
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Comparison Chart

(For Investment Amount: Rs. 1,00,000)

Investment Platform Returns P.A. Payout for 1 Year Time to Enjoy Profits
ProfitsGenix Avg. 30% 130000 Annual (monthly payouts)
Fixed Deposit 4% - 8.3% 1,04,000 - 1,08,300 Long Term
Gold 2% -28% 1,02,000 - 1,28,300 Long Term
Real Estate 6% - 102% 1,06,000 - 2,02,000 Long Term
Mutual Funds 7% - 21% 1,07,000 - 1,21,300 Long Term
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Clients are happily Satisfied

As of now going good, received 1st month credit. Still I feel risk.

Aatif Khan INDIA

Overall it's good but app/website should be improved

Satish Guntupally INDIA

Good service, Timey payment received....

Devang Pandey INDIA

The best platform for investment I have ever seen. With the most innovative products and updates, profitgenix is ​​best for investing and to make high returns and profits to customer.

Rajiv Kohli INDIA

As of now going good, received 1st month credit. Still I feel risk.

Krishna Bujji INDIA

I especially liked the work culture where I got to explore and learn so much.Its a very good platform to invest here where i got a higher returns in time . thank you for helping me to invest and make my investment safe with you ❤️ It has been advising me on various investment plans based on my financial problems

Sadwel Eunton INDIA